Our origins

We are a team of founders, bankers, builders and operators. Our team has extensive experience in banking, on-demand platforms, business, law, engineering and community building. We are passionate about financial access and creating a better future.

Bankuish was set up in 2020 in response to the need for financial inclusion among gig workers. Bankuish is a financial startup in full growth in Latin American countries such as Mexico and Brazil, which transforms the work history of workers in different platforms such as Uber or Rappi into a credit score accepted by major banks.

"We create intelligence systems to better serve the future of work"

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José V. Fernandez, CEO & Founder


Financial Inclusion

Affordable financial services open doors and can be the leverage individuals need to reach for new opportunities. We’ve seen it firsthand at Bankuish.


We've seen users take a loan and go from deliveries by bicycle to deliveries by motorcycle to driving from a ride hailing app, all while increasing their earnings and earning potential. We've been there the moment someone realizes that the dream they gave up on long ago, like home ownership, is actually available to them.  Financial inclusion serves individuals, families and communities. 

Legacy underwriting puts the burden of proving creditworthiness on individuals. There is an easier way. Bankuish is here to help gig workers easily access affordable credit, leaving them free to focus on what matters most.



Bankuish in the news

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