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  • What is a Bankuish Score?
    It is the credit score that values your efforts and dedication where your reputation on platforms and your history add points. The Bankuish Score, which ranges from 300 to 850, is used to measure your ability to pay and open doors to credit opportunities offered by our partners in the App.
  • How long does it take to generate a Bankuish Score?
    It takes up to 24 hours to generate your Bankuish Score. Your score is updated each week so you can monitor your progress.
  • How will I know if I have bank offers?
    Any available offers will appear on the home screen of your app. You will also receive a notification from the app.
  • What can I do if my score is too low to receive offers?
    Building a credit score takes time. So, too, does building a Bankuish Score. Focus on producing a consistent monthly salary and on making all outstanding payments on time. Set a schedule for yourself and earnings goals to keep you on track.
  • Am I guaranteed to be approved for offers in my account?
    Bankuish believes in respecting your time and your data. We don't SPAM you with offers that you don't qualify for. We're constantly improving our recomendations to better match people to the products and services they deserve. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be accepted for the products you apply for. What we can promise is that we will continue to fight for your right to fair and affordable financial services.
  • How often does my Bankuish Score update?
    Bankuish Scores are not static – they are constantly evolving in response to your activities. Therefore, we update all user scores once a week. Check back each week to monitor changes to your score and track your progress.
  • What factors affect my Bankuish Score?
    There are a series of factors that impact your Bankuish Score. Keep in mind that while your score measures your activity over a period of several years, your current activity is weighted more heavily in Bankuish Score calculations than activity from years past. The following are some of the most important factors we consider: Average monthly income trends How much money are you earning on average each month? Stable, consistent income over time helps drive your score up. Higher average monthly salary may qualify you for higher value offers. Drops in aggregate activity Inactivity in your gig platform or large fluctuations in your monthly salary may indicate future difficulty repaying loans. The Bankuish model was built for freelancers, so we understand there are natural fluctuations in activity from month to month. However, these fluctuations can add up and damage your Score. Consistency is key. Work transactions canceled by you Creditworthiness is built on trust. We want to see that you are meeting your commitments. Consistently canceling transactions may indicate difficulty fulfilling obligations. Past due payments and obligations that show up on your credit report Missed payments can really hurt your credit score. If you have some missed payments in the past, do what you can to make sure you don’t miss any more moving forward. Remember, your current activity counts for more than past activity. Adverse public records such as bankruptcies Your public record is part of your Bankuish Score calculation. Adverse records lower your score. But hard work and consistency can overcome any adverse events from the past. Remember, your current activity counts more than your past activity. Your collection history with any Bankuish banking partner On time payments demonstrate your trustworthiness and boost your Bankuish Score. Missed or late payments, on the other hand, will hurt your score.
  • Why do I need to connect my account data?
    Your Bankuish Score is determined based on several factors, including your salary and activity on your gig platform(s). Connecting your gig account allows us to access the data we need to determine your creditworthiness.
  • Why is it important to share your data with financial institutions?
    So that financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, among others) can verify your identity and offer you the best financial products, tailored to your needs. For the first time, all the years of hard work you have invested in your reputation will be valued and that effort will be reflected in more money for you. This is similar to submitting documents to the bank to open an account or apply for a loan. It is necessary to share this information in order to engage in any type of financial activity, as this information is required to comply with regulations, as well as to protect you and them from fraud and illegal transactions.
  • Is my data safe?
    We guarantee that we cannot use or access your accounts or use your bank money. Our security policies and practices are designed to protect your personal and financial data. We can only access your banking information with your explicit consent and for the purposes for which such consent has been given. The Bankuish App has READ Only access to your performance and income data on your work platforms. The App also has READ Only access to your transaction data from connected bank accounts. We cannot change your transactions or otherwise modify your work and bank accounts.
  • What happens if I disconnect my account?
    By disconnecting your account you will not be able to: Grow your Bankuish Score. Receive benefits from financial institutions. Lose access to your platform data. If you decide to disconnect some of your accounts you will send a request to our support center and in 5 business days your account will be disconnected. You will have 5 days in case you regret it and want to keep your account active. In that case, you will only have to click on the Do not disconnect button, and your account will be maintained.
  • I need help.
    For additional questions and concerns, you can reach us at
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