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Simplified access to personalized loans for gig workers and freelancers.

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Safe and easy app



Made for gig workers


Bankuish turns your work history and reputation data into an alternative credit score accepted by banks


You've worked hard for your reputation.

Now you can let your reputation work hard for you.

Your Bankuish Score opens doors

  • Connect your accounts to start building your Bankuish Score. 

  • Enjoy your offers such as personal and auto loans, and many more.

  • Start your financial health and growth your Bankuish Score

  • Be part of the financial revolution


Supported apps

We work with the biggest gig platforms in the region.

Designed for gig workers

Gig work is the future of work. 

We're here to help gig workers get access to the fair and affordable products they deserve.

Trusted by the major banks

Market presence in Mexico and Brasil

Opening soon in new LATAM markets.

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