What is Bankuish, and how does it work?

Bankuish turns your marketplace reputation into a credit score accepted by banks.


Bankuish is a free service. We make our money from carefully selected partner offers. You own your own data - we do not sell your data. 

Get started in 4 easy steps:

Download the

free app

Whether you're shopping for a loan or just serious about your financial health, the Bankuish app is free to use.                

Connect your accounts

Securely connect your gig or freelancing platforms and bank accounts to see all your information in one place.

Generate free credit report

Know and grow your Bankuish score. We will monitor changes over time and help you take action to improve your score 

Review your


Offers appear automatically in the app based on your Bankuish Score and eligibility.                                              

Bankuish credit report

Get your free credit report

Bankuish converts your work history and reputation data into a credit score accepted by banks. Track changes to your score automatically in the app.

Receive pre-approved offers

No more rejections. No more hassle. All Bankuish offers have been pre-approved for you and you continue unlocking new offers as your credit score grows.

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Join Savings Circles

Easily manage your savings circles online by inviting your friends to join you. Or meet your goals and like minded Bankuish users in a public savings circle.

Grow your Bankuish Score

Explore the Assistant to discover ways to improve your score, like mini courses. You may even unlock new offers along the way.


Join the Waitlist Today

You've worked hard to develop your reputation. Now you can let your reputation work hard for you. Join thousands of users who have discovered the smarter way to access credit.