Your Reputation, Your Key to Financial Freedom

Helping freelancers and gig workers access better credit by translating work history and reputation data from gig platforms into an alternative credit score accepted by banks.

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Upgrade your financial life

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

You work hard to build your reputation,  make it work for you

Import your payout and rating history from the gig economy platforms you’ve worked in like uber, airbnb, fiverr, upwork, etsy or taskrabbit with a simple login.

Turn your years of hard work into financial history that we use to match you with the best offers and loan terms from the top banks. 

Already have a bank? Import that information too through our API login and we’ll make sure you have the best terms.

Reputation Import Bankuish

Finally a mobile wallet you can use

Transfer funds to PayPal, Venmo and more.

Move your funds internationally via bank transfer or Libra.

Cashout without a debit card by using our QR Code scanner on thousands of participating ATMs.

Grow with your friends

Bankuish is an invite-only platform where as your reputation changes impact each other.

Help each other grow and access better banking for all. 

Don’t know anyone in Bankuish yet? Sign up to our newsletter to join our waitlist; we are constantly building seed cohorts in new communities!

Wallet Bankuish
Reputation Bankuish

Own your reputation

Stay up to date and manage your creditworthiness for free.

Always know where you stand and how your reputation is impacted.

Better than a credit score, your reputation is powered by the latest AI technology, constantly updating from the data you share, with your permission, via API.

Own your future: Bankuish keeps all your credit history on a Blockchain, so only you control your data. Not the credit bureaus or banks, you own your reputation.

INvitation Bankuish

Join the growing community worldwide

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Live your best financial life

The Bankuish Assistant offers you tailored content to improve your reputation.

Take on suggested gamified learning courses that upgrade your financial education in short and fun lessons designed for your phone with clear time commitments ending in short tests with immediate Reputation increase rewards.

Assistant Bankuish

Join Group Loans with your friends

Group Loans are fun and fast ways of improving your reputation while saving with friends.

Join five friends or friends of friends on a Group Loan, set up a weekly amount to put into the pot (ie. $10 every Monday) and every week one of you will receive the pot in your wallet (ie. a different member will receive $60 every Tuesday until the cycle ends 6 weeks later).


Every on-time payment to the pot lifts up your reputation!

You can join or start as many Group Loans as you want!

Group Loan Bankuish

A banking portal just for you

Our AI matches your profile with hundreds of banking offers and presents to you, in your app’s banking portal, a selection of pre-approved financial services from top tier banks.

As your reputation grows, the banking portal will expand its offering beyond credit and into insurance and larger loans with better terms.

Banking portal Bankuish

Bankuish is expanding daily and currently offers its services to communities in the US, Brazil, Mexico and India.

Join our waitlist and be the first to get Bankuish in your area!


Our Educate program helps you graduate into full financial literacy with fun, short and beautiful courses.

After every lesson you can take a quick quiz to test your knowledge and unlock a reputation upgrade reward.

Always know how much time any lesson or quiz will take before hand.

Grow with us Bankuish

Grow with us