There are currently half a billion gig workers around the world. Technologies like 5G and circumstances like the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic lockdowns are only accelerating the decentralization of work. At the same hastening pace, freelancers, independent contractors, project-based workers and part-time hires are organizing themselves around platforms where they may accrue more than just paychecks: they are building their reputations one customer rating at a time, to demand the rate they deserve.

Now they can take their accumulated reputation to the bank. Bankuish was born out of the COVID-19 crisis to help struggling gig workers turn their years of proven trustworthiness into creditworthiness. Financial institutions around the world struggle to reach the 4 billion underbanked due to lack of information; but most underbanked work with their smartphones. Bankuish bridges the gap.

From the Future of Work to the Future of Banking.


Who we are

We are a team of founders, bankers, builders and operators.

Our team has extensive experience in banking, on-demand platforms, business, law, engineering and community building. We are passionate about financial access and creating a better future, just like you.

José V. Fernández
CEO & Founder

Banking executive, former diplomat, 6x entrepreneur and chartered economist.

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Lizette Vega

KYC and AML expert. Financial Intelligence at Morgan Stanley, Citibank.

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Carmen Pop
Bank Integration

Bank IT transformation at Everis, Citibanamex, Openbank, Sabadell & Santander.

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Engineering and project management authority. Executive at BBVA and Sener.

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Emilio Abengozar
Annie Fite
Director of Growth

Marketing and brand strategist; market research and content expert.

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Katerina Levanttar
Community, Mexico

Client relationship leader, founded successful grassroots movements in Mexico.

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Ignacio Rubio Jaen

Business Operations expert. Officer at Deutsche Börse Group and Thomson Reuters.

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Business development and growth authority. Community and engagement at scale.

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Milly Elvis
Jose Luis.jpeg
José Luis Lasa del Caño

Dev guru. CEO and founder of Tabili, serial entrepreneur.

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Business development and innovation director. Serial entrepreneur and team builder.

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Carlos Sandoval
Operations, Mexico
Charles Wang

Leading algorithm engineer and seasoned product innovator. 

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Marketer and communications advisor. Founder of PR, comms and marketing agencies.

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Pablo Yáñez


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